The aim of this blog is to share insights and reflections from the practitioners of wardrobe studies. We hope that the blog can function as a collection of manyfold versions and approaches to wardrobe studies, across continents and disciplines. The blog is a continuation of the book Opening up the Wardrobe, edited by Kate Fletcher and Ingun Grimstad Klepp in 2017. The book holds a collection of 50 methods for opening up wardrobes and their content. To continue the work of collecting approaches to wardrobe studies, the research project CHANGE, led by Klepp, will start a new collection of stories. As this will be online in the form of a blog, the format will be somewhat different, but all authors are asked to touch upon some of the same topics as they write their stories. Authors are also encouraged to write in their preferred language, as we believe the available tools for translating online gives a good opportunity to collect wardrobe stories in different languages.

If you want to share your wardrobe study, please see this template.